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Save Editor Infomation

  • Patch Code for PS4
  • 2018.11.15Patch Code for PS4Bullet Girls Phantasia (CH)
    • Max Gold、Unlocl Common Weapons、All Characters Exp 1 Next Lv、All Characters Max Lv、All Characters Max JKP、Characters Aya Hinomoto Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Aya Hinomoto Max Lv、Characters Aya Hinomoto Max JKP、Characters Yurina Kanezono Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Yurina Kanezono Max Lv、Characters Yurina Kanezono Max JKP、Characters Remi Kishino Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Remi Kishino Max Lv、Characters Remi Kishino Max JKP、Characters Tsukiyo Takanashi Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Tsukiyo Takanashi Max Lv、Characters Tsukiyo Takanashi Max JKP、Characters Saki Amamine Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Saki Amamine Max Lv、Characters Saki Amamine Max JKP、Characters Minagi kamishira Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Minagi kamishira Max Lv、Characters Minagi kamishira Max JKP、Characters Aki Saotome Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Aki Saotome Max Lv、Characters Aki Saotome Max JKP、Characters Mai Ooiuchi Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Mai Ooiuchi Max Lv、Characters Mai Ooiuchi Max JKP、Characters Silvia Hortensie Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Silvia Hortensie Max Lv、Characters Silvia Hortensie Max JKP、Characters Sarria Violette Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Sarria Violette Max Lv、Characters Sarria Violette Max JKP、Characters Haldina Chrysant Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Haldina Chrysant Max Lv、Characters Haldina Chrysant Max JKP、Characters Farren Sierwinde Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Farren Sierwinde Max Lv、Characters Farren Sierwinde Max JKP、Characters Merrina Iris Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Merrina Iris Max Lv、Characters Merrina Iris Max JKP、Characters Ladoria Sierwinde Exp 1 Next Lv、Characters Ladoria Sierwinde Max Lv、Characters Ladoria Sierwinde Max JKP
  • 2018.11.15Patch Code for PS4Disgaea 1 Complete (US/EU)
    • Max HL、Max Product Rank、Max Customer Rank、Max Recovery HP、Max Recovery SP、Character Slots 1~100 Max Exp、Character Slots 1~100 Max Mana、Character Slots 1~100 Max Stats
  • 2018.11.15Patch Code for PS4Metal Max Xeno (US)
    • Max Gold、Max Tech LV 、Max Battle Lv/Drive Lv999、MAX EXP Talis、MAX EXP Yokky、MAX EXP Toni、MAX EXP Dylan、MAX EXP Maria、MAX EXP Misaki、MAX EXP Ittica
  • 2018.11.15Patch Code for PS4Warriors Orochi 4 (US/EU)
    • Max Gems、Max Growth Points、Max Crystals、Max Skill Orbs、Max Weapon Elements、Unlock All Characters、All Characters Max Lv.100、All Characters Max Skill Points、Unlock God Mode Zhao Yun、Unlock God Mode Lu Bu、Unlock God Mode Cao Pi、Unlock God Mode Guan Yinping、Unlock God Mode Yukimura Sanada、Unlock God Mode Nobunaga Oda、Unlock God Mode Mitunari Ishida、Unlock God Mode Naotora Ii
  • 2018.11.09Patch Code for PS4Black Clover: Quartet Knights (US)
    • Max Money
  • 2018.11.09Patch Code for PS4Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (US/EU)
    • Max Credits、Max Praxis、Quick Next Praxis Sets to 4999、Quick Next Praxis Sets to 5999
  • 2018.11.09Patch Code for PS4Red Dead Redemption II (US/EU)
    • Max Money、Max Items In Satchel、Unlock All Cheat
  • 2018.10.18Patch Code for PS4Final Fantasy Pocket Edition HD (US)
    • Slot1 Gil Max、Slot1 AP Max、Slot1 Exp Max Noctis、Slot1 Exp Max Gladiolus、Slot1 Exp Max Ignis、Slot1 Exp Max Prompto
  • 2018.10.18Patch Code for PS4Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise (US)
    • Unlock Endress Eden&Reminiscence、Max Idiaru、Max Casino Chips、Max EXP、Max Beads、Items Have All Materials、Items Box Slot1 Messianic shoulder、Items Box Slot2 The trader's jacket、Items Box Slot3 Savior's bottoms、Items Box Slot4 Boots of the trader、Items Box Slot5 The trader's bandage
  • 2018.10.11Patch Code for PS4Assassin's Creed Odyssey (US/EU/CH)
    • Money Max、Exp Max、Ability Points Max、Materials Max Soft Leather、Materials Max Iron Metal、Materials Max Olive Wood、Materials Max Ancient Tablets、Materials Max Obsidian Glass、Materials Max Precious Gems
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