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Retrofreak Software Licensing

RetroFreak uses source code from the following open source projects:

  • VBA-M (both primary SVN and VBA-Next fork)
  • Genesis Plus GX
  • FCEU (FCEU-Next fork)
  • SNES9x (SNES9x-Next fork)
  • Mednafen

The following archive contains the source code tree for each of the aforementioned projects, verbatim as is used by RetroFreak.


The source code for each of these projects is copyright the respective authors, who are identified in the corresponding source files. We endeavour to abide by the terms and conditions of each of the corresponding open source licenses. Should you be one of the developers or a direct legal representative of one of the copyright holders of any of the aforementioned projects and feel that the software is being used in violation of its license then please get in touch with us via 【email】 to discuss the matter further.

In addition, RetroFreak includes a fork of the Linux Kernel, the source code for which is available for download 【HERE】 (updated October 2015)